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Understanding our pricing is dead simple! It’s based upon how much time our booth is running and how many custom options you select. Pricing starts at $300/hour

What is an open-set photobooth, you ask? Well, first of all, it’s awesome! It’s the photobooth experience evolved and unboxed. We setup a backdrop, lights and a camera, you and a LOT of people step up and have some fun. It’s bigger and better than your average photobooth because we’re using a high-end DSLR camera, top-of-the-line lighting equipment and backdrops that are unique and original. Our photobooth can accommodate a serious crowd, which means your guests are having MORE fun!

We have all of your old favorites; from sunglasses and masks, to mustaches, hats, leis, and feather boas! Sometimes you need to spell things out, so we always come armed with our giant selection of chalkboards, chat bubbles and more!

We have an amazing collection of unique and fun props, but we also work with each event individually to decide what props will make the cut. We know that it can really bring your event to the next level to have high-quality props that make a bold statement. That way your guests aren’t overwhelmed and your style really shines through in the photos.

We have a fancy schmancy professional dye sublimation printer that can kick out high-quality 4×6 or 2×6 prints with your monogram, event logo or event name. Printing adds a lot of fun for your guests and gives them something to walk away with!

We know that whether you’re planning a wedding and looking for a backdrop that will blend in with the decor, or you’re having a holiday party, the backdrop sets the scene.  From sequins to velvet, we offer a range of “standard” backdrops that are far from ordinary.

If you want to do something new and unique, we can create that too! A custom floral wall? Absolutely! There are times when a custom backdrop makes the most sense. We offer event-specific custom designs, so just inquire for special pricing. We request a minimum of 6 weeks lead time for custom backdrop designs. This allows us to source and create your backdrop with the best materials and a keen attention to detail.

What better way for guests to remember the festivities than adding your monogram or logo to your photos!

Our photo booth company was built by branding professionals who work in the corporate world and understand the needs and expectations . We are creative professionals who are passionate about the design process for each and every event that our photobooth serves. Your corporate event with us will be tailored to fit your brand and your event’s theme. We custom design backdrops, props, and the social experience for your event so that it feels right to your employees or fans.

Every celebration is unique and that’s why we understand the importance of offering our clients custom designed props and backdrops. Our customizations raise the bar for you and your guests and it shows in the quality of the photos that you’ll get. We provide a boutique photbooth experience at your event, where everything from the props, to the backdrop, the branding for your photos and social media kiosk are cohesive and stunning.

When your event calls for something completely custom, we can do that too! Our team can not only locate the best props for your event, but we can also create them too! We will work with you to design a collection of high-end props that will really make your photos shine!